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Detailed Convention Schedule

As of January 28, 2018 - subject to change

Mon March 12

8:45 am to 3:30pm

Exploring the Potential for
Craft Beer Tourism Experiences Workshop

Interest amongst travellers to taste, learn about and experience local craft beer continues grow and your brewery can benefit from this upward trend. Aficionados in pursuit of great beer are increasingly looking for unique, memorable food and beverage experiences that allow them to delve into learning about what they are drinking, meet local brewmasters and get a feel for the unique vibe of the local beer culture. 

At this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of creating memorable travel experiences, hear inspiring examples of businesses that are successfully tapping into the growth in experiential travel, explore the power of partnerships, reflect on opportunities that might fit for your business, and know what is needed to align with Travel Alberta. 

Join us March 12th at Tool Shed Brewing for the first ever introduction to experiential travel targeted specifically to small craft brewers. Be inspired by learning what others in your industry are doing that is amazing and innovative.

Why attend? You’ll learn how to:

  1. Increase your business through tourism and by developing new craft beer experiences;
  2. Generate new or additional revenue from visitors who are seeking out unique, local food and beverage experiences;  
  3. Create, or partner to create, fun beer experiences that celebrate what makes Alberta’s craft brews so amazing, and differentiate us from other destinations; and
  4. Contribute to the growth of Alberta’s craft beer industry through the development of new tourism opportunities.

Suggested attendees: Owner/Operators; Senior Decision Makers; Taproom/Marketing Responsible. NOTE: Due to space constraints, a maximum of two people per brewery will be allowed to register. There will be a waitlist for additional attendees.

Presented by Tourism Café through the support of an Alberta Culture & Tourism grant aimed at expanding the tourism potential of Alberta's brewing industry.

About Tourism Cafe.

5:00 Pm to 7:00pm

NETWORKING EVENT: Big Rock Brewery Koelschip Tour & Kriek Tasting (SOLD OUT as of January 31. A waitlist will be taken during registration.)

Limited to 50 people, this is your exclusive opportunity to tour Big Rock's exciting koelschip program and be one of the first to taste a kriek 3 years in the making. Includes a tour, kriek sample and pints.

Tue March 13

8:00am t0 11:30am

New Brewery Workshop

If you are planning to open a brewery or have opened in the past year, these sessions are for you. Hear from and meet personnel from AGLC, Connect Logistics, finance, legal and other industry professionals, including a panel of industry vets discussing "What to Expect When You're Expecting (a Brewery)." Essential information and contacts designed to strengthen your business in the startup phase.

11:45am to 1:30pm

Lunch & AGM

ASBA Members only. This is ASBA's annual business meeting featuring a "State of the Industry" presentation, election of directors, and approval of financial statements.

2:00pm to 5:00pm

Cask Brewing Systems Tour

100 spots available. Jump on a bus with the team from Cask Brewing Systems and visit Wild Rose Brewery, Tool Shed Brewery and Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery to see Cask's pioneering micro-canning equipment in action, with Cask experts on hand to answer your questions. We're proud to call this Calgary pioneer an industry partner!

2:15pm to 3:15pm

Sensory 101: Building Your Flavour Vocabulary

Presented by Crystal Luxmore, Cicerone Certification Program

Advanced Cicerone Crystal Luxmore leads you through a series of sensory exercises, and shares insights to teach you how to build your palate, deepen your sensory perception of beer, and describe flavour in a meaningful way. You'll leave the workshop armed with new ideas to build your sensory memory and better prepared for the next sensory panel in the brewery.  

3:00pm to 5:00pm

Olds College Student Beer Tasting Salon

Meet Alberta's next generation brewers while tasting their brews in a casual session.

6:00pm to Midnight

Opening Reception & Trade Show

This year's opening reception features a dynamic new concept to promote networking within the trade show. Earn the opportunity to taste beers from across the province by visiting trade show booths and answering trivia questions, scavenger hunt style!

Wed March 14th

NOTE: Session and panel participants are still being confirmed. Final schedule will be announced on February 15th.


Registration, Trade Show Open, Coffee & Muffins


Keynote: John Holl

From Passion to Action: How to Talk People into Drinking Your Beer

How we talk about beer and the beer industry is more important than ever before. Styles are continually changing making it difficult to find new consumers while retaining existing ones. How can brewers successfully ride the waves of an ever-changing industry? How you choose to communicate your beers and your company can have a profound impact on sales and general perception. John Holl, who has chronicled the beer industry for more than a decade will share his views on trends and the future of beer communication.

9:45 to 10:45

Concurrent Sessions 1

1A - An Update from the AGLC
1B - All About Hops
1C - Water & Wastewater

11:15 to 12:15

Concurrent Sessions 2

2A - The Future of Interprovincial Trade
2B - Connect with Connect Logistics
2C - Quality Management

12:15 to 1:15

Lunch & Tradeshow

1:15 To 2:15

Guest: Susan Welch, MBAA

Keynote: Chris Shepard

Button Up: New Winds Blowing

Chris will look at what the data is telling us about how to survive and thrive in the market post-legal cannabis and post-craft beer boom. What can Canadian brewers learn from the experience of our American counterparts? Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS has been the leading source of information about the US beer industry for over 40 years.

2:30 to 3:30

Concurrent Sessions 3

3A - Regional Brands - How can Alberta stand out?
3B - All About Malt
3C - Financing and Grants

4:00 to 5:30

Concurrent Sessions 4

4A - Sales and Marketing Panels
4B - 1) Contract/Partner Brewing Trends & Tips & 2) Opportunities in Distilling
4C - Brewers Collaboration Roundtable

7:00 to Midnight

Alberta Beer Awards
at The Palace Theatre